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Distribution & Representation Services

Partnering with manufacturer's to achieve success

Bangalla offers a number of advantages over traditional manufacturer rep firms - we actually manage ecommerce accounts, we have our own internal sales teams, and we can purchase products and fulfill to best support our manufacturers.

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Manufacturer's First

We are investing in you and your brand, we value human relationships and believe they are the hallmark toward working to mutual success. We offer advisory, marketing and distribution services to support a manufacturer's sales go to the next level.


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Creating Synergy

Our approach is to build a strong ecommerce sales channel while protecting traditional brick and mortar sales. Both are critical to success of any brand.


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Drop-Shipping Services

Bangalla dropships over 20k items today, and is always looking for new and exciting brands to present to its customer base. No minimum orders and we enforce your MAP policies.

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Direct Wholesale

Through our inside sales teams we actively target traditional wholesale accounts and can ship directly from our warehouses to anywhere in the world.

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Third Party Selling

Bangalla can have your products loaded on Amazon platforms around the world as well as other third party websites. We manage and fulfill orders on your behalf.

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Outsourced Fulfillment

Bangalla can take on fulfillment for all orders off your own website to ensure you can keep costs down and focus on building your brand rather than packing boxes.

Contact Bangalla today for more details on brand representation.


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